If you donate to this Housing Trust know that you are literally helping save the heart of our Community. You will be helping young families to help themselves by providing them with cheap rents whilst they save for their very own family home.  The Community wins because we are not going to lose those families from our midst.

To make a direct credit: BNZ 02 0108 0367509 000
The Community thanks you in advance!


How Else Can You Assist.

  • We need expertise in Social Media, facebook, twitter etc. Contact us below.
  • If you can lend tools, equipment, labour or materials for our project please contact us below.
  • You might have some land you would consider leasing to the Trust, then let us know and we can have a chat. Contact us below.
  • You may want to make a personal loan to the Trust over a 5 or 10 year period then once again please contact us below for an appointment to discuss rates.

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