Thank you for your interest in our rental accommodation.

Below are the eligibility criteria and the application form.

The Waiheke Community Housing Trust is a local community organisation, NOT a government agency. The information you give us will remain within the Trust and will not be disclosed to any other organisation.


We acknowledge that every case is different.  The six points below are the main criteria. You must fit into these to be able to apply. However, once you get into the actual application form and you find there are some questions that you feel may disqualify you, keep going, do not be discouraged!  There will be an interview process in which exceptions can be discussed.  Each application will be considered on its own merits and individual contracts will reflect each individual situation.


  • You must have New Zealand Residency and have lived on Waiheke for at least two years or have family residing on the island.
  • You must fit into one of our target groups:
    - Young family
    - 55 years or over
  • You must have a maximum combined income of less than $60,000 per annum
  • You must have no more than $10,000 in assets
  • You must be able to live independently
  • You must be able to provide two references – one from a previous landlord and one character reference.

Application Form.


    If you would like assistance in filling out this form or putting your story down then please email us and someone will contact you.

    Name. *
    Do you own any property either on Waiheke or elsewhere? *
    If yes you will be asked to clarify this at your interview.
    E.g. wages, self-employment, government benefit, ACC or other.
    Do you receive an Accommodation Supplement? *
    Do you receive Working for Families tax credits? *
    Do you have any cash assets? *
    Do not include Kiwi Saver.
    e.g. Savings or Inheritance.
    Do you or any of your family have a physical disability? *
    Please use as much space as you need. Don’t hold back – tell us your story.
    Please supply name and contact details.
    This must be someone who has known you for at least 1 year who is NOT a family member.